♦ What type of precious metal can I trade?
Dijllah gold deals with gold kilo bar, silver kilo bar, gold coin, silver coin, tt bar, dore bar etc.

♦ What are the prices that Dijllah Gold provides?
Dijllah Gold provide spot market price, On that you can buy and sell your gold at anytime, And once you deliver or receive metal it is subject to the current market discount and premiere.

♦ What is spot price?
The spot price is the current trading price of the metal as listed on the metals exchanges, which we use as a base for our prices. The spot price is based on huge, bulk orders of bullion. It is the price at which sellers and buyers agree to transact.

♦ How can I open the account? Are there any charges for opening this account?
You can fill up online account opening forms and a text required documents, then submit online and our compliance officer will verify your documents. Ifthe compliance officer found your documents a satisfactory we will call you to visit our office with original documents and then you have to sign a trading agreement, after that, your account will open. There are no costs or associated charges to open an account with us.

♦ How I can fix the price?
Dijllah gold provide 24/7 trading desk where you can fix the price for your purchase at any time and you can manage your trades, you can put working orders, you can change working orders, you can put stop loss orders and sport price.

♦ How to fund my account with Dijllah Gold?
All the money transaction will be through the banking channels.We deal with all major banks like ENBD, RAK BANK, MASREQ BANK,BANK OF BARODA,AAIB, and FGB.

♦ What type of payment methods you accept?
We accept Online transfer, cheques, and pay orders.

♦ Do you repurchase your gold and silver bars?
Yes we repurchase our gold and silver bars, on sport market price with current discount in the market

♦ How can I buy gold and silver bullion from you?
To buy gold and silver, one should have an account with us and go through with all the KYC procedures, after that you can buy and sell bullion with us.

♦ If I do not want to open an account, can I buy gold and silver from you?

♦ Do your products come with a certificate of authenticity?
Yes all ourbullion products are embossed with their fineness and weight. We provide the purity certificate with each of our product.

♦ Do you guarantee the purity of the metal?
Yes, all our metal is stamped with their fineness and purity of 995 and 999.9 and we guaranteed that.