Our company’s most important asset is its ‘undisputed reputation for ethical behavior, honesty and fair transactions in all of our dealings with clients and counterparties alike. From the ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman eras to the present day, gold is universally regarded as the ultimate safe haven store of value and an asset class that will preserve wealth in times of economic and geo-political turmoil. Gold is truly a unique investment, an asset that is no one else’s liability and one that cannot be devalued by Governments in the way they can dilute the value of their currencies to suit political policies. Dijllah Gold is a precious metals and bullion dealing company situated in Dubai, the financial and commercial hub of the Middle East and the largest physical gold re-distribution centre in the world. We provide our wide range of products and services to the retailers, wholesale jewelers, bullion trading companies, producers and secondary scrap gold merchants with the ability and unwavering commitment to meet all of our clients’ requirements in physical gold and other precious metals.

                                                                                    "Accuracy in Weight & Purity is our Policy"

                                                                                             Mohammed Hamodi Hashim
                                                                                          Chairman & Managing Director